Embodiment • Leadership • Impact




the most tangible, unquestionable

Most leadership trainings and conversations hang out in the idea realm, where leadership is talked about and therefore remains as a concept...

Even if we think we are on the same page leadership-wise, there is still room for grey area, miscommunication, and misunderstanding.

So how do you know unequivocally what your leadership is like and the impact it has on your team, colleagues and company?

Enter Embodied Leadership Training…

As a workshop designer for the likes of Google, the Wilderness Foundation and Salesforce I found the ELT process to be like no other.
In a world that will continue to rumble and shake, collaborating with the ELT team is a must for an individual or organisation interested in ‘feeling’ what it’s like to build resilience, stability, trust, and embodied leadership.”

Benny Wallington
Peak Performance Coach ~ Flow Genome Project